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We have always had an excellent experience with Cantrell.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 14, 2016
I brought my Saab in for replacement of a wheel bearing. Cantrell agreed to do the job even though they don't normally work on Saabs. There were complications because the parts were rusted and seized. I was kept apprised of the difficulties. A special assembly was located through a used part dealer out of state, delaying repair for several days. Staff determined that assembly would not solve the problem, so were able to ultimately break apart my assembly, replace necessary parts and complete the repair. As always seems the case with this car, repair cost was high, but I am convinced the cost was legitimate. I don't believe anyone else could have done better. The team went above and beyond the call with this unusual vehicle.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 8, 2016
Always great service
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 4, 2016
Excellent service and very professional!
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 1, 2016
Had vehicle towed in at night. The two driver side tires ripped apart. He called the following morning and said they were going to put 2 new tires on it. No questions concerning anything was asked. Picked up car. Car shaking when turning wheel to the left. At that point I was asked what happened in which I responded with I ran over a median and hit it very hard. Now I'm having to take car back in.
Recommended? No |  by , November 26, 2016
Fast and friendly service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 26, 2016
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 23, 2016
In this day and age when people are keeping their vehicles longer, routine maintenance is a must, not an option. At Cantrell Service Center they will take care of your immediate concerns and advise you of any potential problems and how to avoid them. Their service is excellent. Their prices are reasonable. Their advise is dependable.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 23, 2016
I would guess the work was performed well as I have had no problems.
My issue isn't with the work but something else.
When I discussed the work to be done I asked if they could pick me up on Friday at work and was told twice they would do that.
When I talked to Andrew on Friday it was about 4:15 and I asked if they could still come pick me up. But instead of work at the rental car agency at Sears ( which is closer to their shop ).
Andrew told me they couldn't as it was rush hour and they might not get back to their shop before closing time.
Needless to say, when I was told initially that they would pick me up , which I verified by asking the question twice, then to be told they wouldn't after I had just spent $900.
I spent $25 on a taco to get there .
Due to the fact that they re-nigged on their word I won't be returning to them for service.
I doubt they would have been later than 6.
After I talked to Andrew I did some running around before I took the rental car back and arrived at their shop at about 6;20. Had they come to get me I wouldn't have taken the extra time to run errands and therefore made it back to the shop by 6.
As a nurse I stay if their are patients in my care.
When I am told something will occur and then someone changes their mind , especially after spending as much money as I did that day, you would think they would honor their word.
Again, they lost a customer as a result of that.
Judy Zimpel
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 8, 2016
Great Job and fast turnaround.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 4, 2016
I had a "minor emergency" needing tires for our 1012 Tundra so my wife could drive it to Dallas and me not worry. I talked to Sarah and Chuck and, long story short, they got me a new set of tires, installed and ready to go on a same day notice! PLUS, they saved me about $200!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 31, 2016
Provided honest repair findings and presented all options.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 30, 2016
Excellent service at a reasonable price, as usual.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 30, 2016
As always professional advise and services.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 29, 2016
We didn't call ahead. We just dropped it off as they were opening up. They managed to work me in and by the end of the day the car was fixed. They called me during the day with an update. They also let me know about another minor issue that they noticed but that it was something that could wait. I appreciated that.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 3, 2016
Great folks.
Great shuttle service.
They do not oversell and I know they do a good inspection on every visit.
Prices are reasonable.
They are busy and you need an appointment but if it is an emergency, they will take care of you.
Ina r referred them many times and will continue to do so.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 1, 2016
I had suddenly overheated and lost coolant, so limped into the nearest service station. They performed a pressure check and determined that I needed a new radiator. Cost estimate was $700+ to install a reconditioned radiator which I thought quite high. I called Cantrell and explained my needs. I was quoted a price of $413 for a new radiator installed, with the caution that they had not seen and diagnosed my car. I arranged to bring the car in the following day. Cantrell ordered the part in anticipation. I came in as scheduled. It was determined that the problem was indeed the radiator. The repair was completed on schedule and at the promised price. The car is now running great.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 30, 2016
Not as satisfied as in the past because of poor communications in what was needed and costs.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 29, 2016
Excellent experience!! Good price, excellent service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 24, 2016
I have always had a good experience with Cantrell Service Center because they tell you exactly what's going on with your car and answer your questions. In addition, the office area is always neat and clean; there aren't a lot of papers laying around on the front desk and I've never seen any greasy fingerprints anywhere :) I appreciate their professionalism and orderliness.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 13, 2016
Always nice. Take very good care of my car
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 9, 2016
Great attention to clients needs.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 9, 2016
They are very honest and give the best prices. They cannot be beat.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 9, 2016
Great and timely service e as always.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 25, 2016
Cantrell Service Center is ALWAYS a fair priced, excellent service kind of Service Center
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 25, 2016
Chuck is the best advisor. We trust him 100 percent to take care of our car needs.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 12, 2016
very honest and a pleasure to do business with.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 12, 2016
Very efficient, courteous, and professional !
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 8, 2016
Everything was good. Andrew mentioned I'm needing to replace my back tires. Can I get a quote on 2 tires that are similar to the ones I have now please. thanks.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 4, 2016
Good communication, explained everything needed to be done. Courteous.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 19, 2016
Great service again!
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 18, 2016
I go there because they fix my vehicles. The employees are very professional, competent, honest, and courteous.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 13, 2016
We have used Cantrell service center for years. They always provide great customer service. The thing I like most is that they keep us informed throughout the process there are no surprises at the end.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 13, 2016
Cantrell service was so nice and assisted me and took my car in to be checked out as all my alerts on the dash board were going off! They reassured me they would find the problem and they did. They did not heistate to shuttle me home as I did not have anyone to pick me up. Everyone was so nice and I appreciate them fixing my care so quickly.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 8, 2016
Finally found a professional car repair business that I believe I can trust & also affordable. I'm far from clueless about car repairs parts & labor so I won't ever make hasty decisions abt my car care needs
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 6, 2016
Recommended? No |  by , June 24, 2016
Cantrell Service is always professional and trusting. I highly recommend them.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 20, 2016
Great shop. They never lead me astray.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 12, 2016
You guys are the best
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 4, 2016
Great service and affordable! I feel they were very honest with me and was referred by friends to go to them for my auto repairs or oil changes! Andrew was pleasant to work with! Thank you for being so professional!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , May 26, 2016
Very disappointed one I was quoted a price on a radiator cap and when I get there the price was double. Then I get ready to leave it sounds like I had a flat but I was told it's my wheel bearing that I had checked out. I just feel like u take advantage of female. I have been told by a lot of my co-workers not to take my truck to u because u do not do quality work.
Recommended? No |  by , May 7, 2016
Very courteous and informative and made sure to tell me the problems in detail and lay out approx. costs before proceeding.
Recommended? Yes |  by , May 2, 2016
Prompt service and friendly staff.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 19, 2016
Repairs were made quickly, very professional staff.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 19, 2016
Very knowledgeable and willing to discuss options
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 16, 2016
Good information about problem and options for repair of pulsing in front brakes. Quick completion of job. Highly convenient shuttle service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 15, 2016
Professional and timely service
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 6, 2016
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 31, 2016
I have a 97 F150 and I'm just trying to keep it running. Cantrell Service Center realizes this by their friendly customer service and excellent service technicians
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 26, 2016
Great service.
You do not oversell.
Thanks for that.
Recommended? No |  by , March 12, 2016
Diagnosed as a leaking steering hose or fuel pump. Chuck suggested replacing the hose first rather than replace all and i t seems to be working! Most shops would have just replaced everything and ran the price way up!
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 4, 2016
Once again I brought your mechanics a challenge and once again they solved it and I drive away a Happy Customer. I really appreciate the updates that I was given while my car was at your garage. I will continue to keep coming back and also recommend your business to people looking for an honest and reliable garage.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 3, 2016
This is a great place to take your vehicle. They provide top level surface at a fair price. They are not the cheapest, thank goodness. The quality of work they do has met or exceeded my high expectations for every vehicle we have taken there.
The people are friendly, out going and very knowledgeable. You will know what the repair is going to cost before they do it. And they stand behind their work.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 2, 2016
Excellent Service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 1, 2016
Competent, skilled workers at this business make car repair a family affair. All employees treat their patrons like members of a big family. Estimates of repairs never stray from repair quotes. Another quality note about Cantrell -- the place is always clean and neat. This is a trustworthy, dependable business.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Maumelle, AR), February 25, 2016
It is a pleasure to do business with Cantrell Service Center. I trust what they say and never question their recommendations. They take really great care of my vehicle and they are always a pleasure to work with. Thank you!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 5, 2016
Great service as usual!
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 5, 2016
Good service done in expeditious manner.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 4, 2016
Very satisfied with service and advice.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 30, 2016
Good and personal as always!
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 28, 2016
I always have a great experience at Cantrell Service. They are honest, reliable, hard working, and make the most reliable choice for you and your vehicle.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 25, 2016
Great service
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 23, 2016
Cantrell always gives good service, otherwise I wouldn't keep going back when my vehicles need attention.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 17, 2016
I live almost 3 hours from the Cantrell Service Center and after going through several mechanic in my area to fix my AC problems and after spending over a grand still having the same problem I decided to surf the web and read the reviews on this site. The reviews was positive and after taking my Cadillac there, the mechanic diagnose my problem within 15 minutes and had me going before noon that day. So I must leave 5 stars only because this site only allow 5. I Strongly recommend this mechanic shop.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 7, 2015
Able to work us in timely with good service!
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 31, 2015
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 24, 2015
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 21, 2015
Excellent service from a staff with integrity
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 10, 2015
I have been a client for many years and have always been happy with the service and the fair prices.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 27, 2014
Service reps are great at keeping customers informed, before and during diagnostics and post repairs.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 19, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 5, 2014
Thank you for being a trustworthy service center. Not only do you take care of our car service needs for our three cars, but you also keep great records so routine maintenance items are also addressed. You're like a car doctor!
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 1, 2014
Absolutely wonderful!!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 15, 2014
Always have a great experience with Cantrell Service Center!
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 8, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 7, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 17, 2014
You guys are always willing to work around our biking schedule. Thanks a bunch!
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 11, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 11, 2014
Y'all are doing a great job. I can depend on you
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 18, 2014
Friendly & dependable service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 18, 2014
Cantrell Service Center has done it again! Not only did they squeeze me into their schedule, they kept me well-advised of what kind of work needed to be done, what could wait, and saved me $150 on the repairs. I don't even shop around for service stations any more.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 3, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 23, 2014
Always so friendly and helpful ! My cars always are well taken care of and kept in great working order thanks to everyone at Cantrell Service Center!!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 22, 2014
Consistently great service and communication.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 18, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 8, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 26, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 25, 2014
Really think you are the best.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 25, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 10, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 9, 2014
Wonderful service!! Very reasonable!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 9, 2014
Your shop always works so hard to get the work done as soon as possible. Thank you for all your hard work.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 9, 2014
You guys always do a great job!
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 9, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 9, 2014
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 9, 2014
No problems, Was just an oil change and you guys did check everything out and let me know about my low battery starting amps. Appreciate the thoroughness!
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 9, 2014